How Are Burpless Fish Oil Supplements Made?

don’t know about you, but for me, fish flavored burps were the main reason why I stopped taking these supplements a number of years ago. I had done my research and I was convinced that fish oil supplements would be good for me, but seriously, the burps that accompanied them were just too much for me.

I eat fish regularly and so does my family, but I can’t recalls any of us having to deal with unpleasant burps as a result, so why, whenever I took a supplement, did I experience these burps? I mean, these were seriously nasty!

Why Do Fish Oil Supplements Make You Burp?

Contrary to what some manufacturers will tell you, fishy burps have nothing to do with the quality of the oil being used. Some companies insinuate that if your supplements make you burp it’s because they have been made from poor quality oil. Trust me, this is just a marketing trick to try and get you to buy their particular brand of supplements.

FACT: Burping and/or flatulence are simply one of the HGH Dosage side effects which some people may or may not experience after they take supplements. Fish oil is quite difficult for the body to digest, which in turn leads to a buildup of gas. In short, burps have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the oil contained in your capsules.

Avoiding the Burp

If you are being plagued by unpleasant burps every time you take your supplements, there are four things you can do to try and ease your misery:

1. Smaller Doses – Rather than taking one large dose every day, try taking two, three, or even four smaller doses. The smaller your doses are, the less gas your body is likely to produce, which in turn minimizes the need to burp.

2. Take with Meals – Many people find that if they take their supplements with a meal they don’t experience the dreaded fish flavored burp. This doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but it’s worth a try if your supplements are making you burp every time you take them.

3. Store in the Freezer – There have been reports that claim you can avoid this side effect simply by storing fish oil supplements in the freezer. This can slow down the release of the oil inside your gut, which in turn means your body won’t have to work as hard to digest it.

4. Change your Brand – Many capsules are designed to start releasing their contents the moment you have swallowed them. However, you also get supplements that have an enteric coating which effectively prevents the oil from being released while inside your stomach. Instead, the oil is only released once it reaches your digestive tract. These types of supplements are often marketed as “burpless fish oil supplements” or “time release supplements”.

Increased Bio-Availability

Enteric coatings also improve bioavailability because the oil contained in the capsules is essentially bypassing the harsh stomach environment where it would be partially destroyed by stomach acids. Instead, the oil is released directly into your digestive tract where it can then pass through the walls and into your system.

If you have only just started taking fish oil supplements for the first time and they are making you burp, it could just be that your body still needs to adapt. I have read that the burping often stop once your body gets used to the supplements.

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